USS Cole Slippers

Materials: Yardage will vary with size, yarn and cuff choices. As a guide, you will need a minimum of 220 yards chunky or 440 yards light worsted (worked with double strand) for largest size.

May use Contrast Color (CC) for cuff.
16" circular needle, Double Points as needed for cuff, ring marker.

Gauge: 3.5 stitches per inch in garter stitch. I use #7 needle, you may use larger, even a 9 or 10 (US). Fabric should be sturdy but springy.

Adult Sizes: 9",10", 11" [M, L, XL]. NOTE: Body of slipper is knit in garter stitch throughout, and is derived from the garter stitch square
dishrag idea. Do not slip the first stitch of the row.

Make 1 (Ml) Place a backward loop on the right hand needle. For a comfortable seam in the sole, always knit into the back of the loop on
the next row. Beginning at toe, Cast on 11 stitches. Next row: kl, [Ml, Kl] 10 times (21 stitches).

Basic Row: Kl, Ml, knit to end.
Repeat Basic Row until [38,44,50] stitches. Place marker in middle [19, 22, 25]. Marker is at center front. Shape Instep: Row I: K1, Ml, knit
to marker, slip marker, K5, K2tog, knit to end of row.

Row 2: Repeat row I (First Shaping Ridge).

Row 3 and 4: Work Basic Row slipping marker. (Second Shaping Ridge) Work first and second shaping ridges three times; [44,50,56]
stitches. Repeat Basic Row to [52, 56, 60] stitches. Measure along the edge and repeat First Shaping Ridge until the edge is [8", 9", 10"]
Cut yarn leaving about 20"

Divide for Ankle opening. Join and Shape Heel. Rearrange the stitches on the needle by slipping half the stitches [26,28, 30] onto the
other end of the needle so the row begins and ends at the center front. Remove marker.

Row 1: Beginning at center front with purl bumps towards you, K I, K2tog, K across first half, place marker, join halves, K to end
(center front). Turn and work back and forth in rows slipping the marker at the heel. Rows 2,3 and 4: K1, K2tog, K to end, slipping
marker (2 ridges after joining)

Heel Row:
K1, K2 tog, K to marker, slip marker, K1, K2 tog, K to end. Repeat Heel Row until 24 stitches remain. Shape Heel with Double Decrease
Rows: K1, K to marker, slip marker, [K1, K2 tog] twice, K to end. for 4 rows (12 stitches). Repeat Heel Row until 4 stitches remain
ending on inside of slipper.

If you are short of yam, put stitches on a holder and knit the second slipper to this point before you knit the cuffs. Use double points
if necessary. Or use the Joyce Williams 2 circ method. Choose Rolled Edge or Ribbed Cuff. If using Contrast Color, change
after pick up row.

Pick Up Row:
Knit 4 stitches, pick up [32, 34, 36] stitches around ankle. Pick up 1 stitch between every ridge and extra bump stitches as needed
along the sides. If a space is loose, twist it. [36, 38, 40] stitches.

Rolled Edge Cuff:
Knit around for 2.5" to 4". For edge "trim," change to Contrast Color for last inch.

Ribbed Cuff:
K1, PI around for 3" to 8". NOTE: If using CC, Knit I row in CC before ribbing. Cast off very loosely in pattern.

Bring edges together, join ends of cast on row at center and sew seam across toe. For comfort, sew sole seam by picking up the bump
on one side and the cross bar in the "valley" on the other. Adjust tension of seam carefully. Secure and hide ends.


This pattern is for charity use only and may not be used or reproduced 
for sale or commercial purposes. You may print and distribute for charity 
purposes with this copyright info included.
Designed and  by Gennie Winkler 7/4/2002


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