USNS Bridge


Thank you so much for demonstrating your concern for the Merchant Mariners and Sailors aboard the USNS Bridge with your thoughtful gifts!

As the Officer in Charge of the embarked Detachment, I'm particularly appreciative; anything that brings smiles to my detachment member's faces, gives me great pleasure as a leader. My officers and sailors work hard, in remarkably challenging conditions, keeping our two helicopters operating properly and flying missions day in and day out.

Your efforts indicate that you understand, fully, how important support from home can be when while we're deployed. It's not only the thought that matters, of course, your gifts are wonderfully practical as well. While temperatures may soar outside, berthing tends to be chilly. Most of my sailors now sleep in knit caps, and booties and love them.

I've attached a photo of some of my pilots hamming it up in their caps.

You clearly made their day!

Thanks again for your support!



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