Machine Knit Hat Pattern Designed for Ultimate Sweater Machine

Keyplate 3

1 strand Worsted Weight yarn


Attach waste yarn, cast on 80 needles, and knit 2-4 rows.  Attach main color, leaving very long end, and then knit 60 rows.  Drop every 4th stitch, and unravel 10 rows.  Rib up using latch tool or crochet hook.  Bind off.  Using long end from beginning edge, run yarn through the loops under the waste yarn.  Remove waste yarn, and pull tightly to gather edge.  Secure top by sewing across gathers.  Sew up back seam.



Using crochet cast on, cast on 80 stitches.  Knit 65 rows.  Cut yarn, leaving long end.  Thread tapestry needle with long end, and run needle through the stitches on the machine.  Remove piece from machine, and pull stitches tight to gather.  Secure top by sewing across gathers.  Sew up back seam.

This results in a slightly rolled lower edge.


This pattern is for charity use only and may not be used or reproduced for sale or commercial purposes.  You may print and distribute for charity purposes with this copyright info included.

2003 Vicki Belzer


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