Machine Knit Bulky Slipper and Hat Pattern

MK Bulky slipper pattern Worsted weight yarn

Cast on 54 sts.

T. 10

Knit 30 Rows

Bind off 8 sts. on each side.

Knit 25 Rows

Dec. to E.O.N.

Knit 2 Rows

Take off, pull together and sew up.


MK Bulky  hat  pattern worsted weight yarn


 Cast on 74 sts.


Knit  68 R

Dec. to E.O.N.

K 2 R

Take off, pull together and sew up.

You will get a rolled up hem hat that will fit under a helmet.


This pattern is for charity use only and may not be used or reproduced for sale or commercial purposes.  You may print and distribute for charity purposes with this copyright info included.

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