Would you like to help support The Ships Project?   Here's how you can help!

The Ships Project requires new members to join us on our Yahoo mailing group before receiving

information about where to mail items.  Due to security concerns, we have been asked by the

military to not post mailing information directly on our website. The Yahoo group allows us to

maintain control over who receives mailing and other information regarding the project.

Upon joining the list, you will receive an email* with the mailing address to send your items

and other basic information and requirements to ensure that the items you send will always meet the

needs of the troops.  Your email address and other information will never be sold to spammers

or shared with other lists, and we strive to keep the number of messages as low as possible

to save your inbox space.



  *Please note: Yahoo default setting for new members sets the email address where messages will be sent to the Yahoo address of the individual. 

(A Yahoo email address is automatically created during the registration process). During the registration process, you will be able to set a different email

address for your messages to be delivered to.  You can also change your email address at anytime in your Yahoo Group preferences.  Please note,

The Ships Project volunteers cannot edit your email settings for you.  If you do not change your email settings during registration, your welcome

emails and all following group emails will be sent to the Yahoo email address you used or created while joining the Yahoo Group.



The Ships Project is funded entirely by donations.  100% of all funds donated
go directly into the project to pay for the postage costs to send items to the troops.




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