Welcome to The Ships Project, a great way to make a difference in the lives of those military members who are deployed on the ground or at sea. 
Whenever they are away from home, we try to provide "hugs from home" in the form of hand-knit and crocheted hats, slippers, knitted socks,
sewn fleece hats, and sewn cool ties.  We also supply warm items to those who have been injured or wounded. 
Since our inception in 2001, when a sailor aboard the USS BATAAN asked  me for a pair of knitted slippers, we have sent more than 580,000
handmade items to people serving on six continents and in every branch of the military, whether on the ground or at sea.  If they wear the
uniform of the USA, we will send to them.  There is no charge for anything we send.  Please join us.
      - Ellen Harpin, The Ships Project Founder




Items should be mailed to The Ships Project 
during our current mailing dates. Mailing dates are 
the 1st-7th of each month except December.


Current Mailing Dates:  July 1st - 7th

Upcoming Mailing Dates:
August 1st - 7th
September 1st - 7th
October 1st - 7th


For full details, visit the What We're Sending page.


The current needs are for sewn cool ties, in 100% cotton fabric.  Needed colors are solid tan for ground troops, and patriotic or masculine colors and prints for ships.

We also need knitted socks, in sock-weight yarn and 100% natural fibers, black or dark brown only.



The Ships Project is funded entirely by donations.  100% of all funds donated
go directly into the project to pay for the postage costs to send items to the troops.





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