Ellen's Knit Hat  

                     For Straight Needles:

On size 7 or 8 needles, cast on 80 sts. (If you knit tightly, you may add more stitches in  multiples of 8)

Work in K1P1 or K2P2  ribbing for 1.5-2
Then work in stockinette stitch (K1row, P1  row) until     total length is 8".

     Begin decreases:

     Row 1: K6, K2 tog across row.

     Next  row and all  even rows Purl.

     Next row K5, K2 tog across.

Repeat having one less stitch before K2 tog on each odd row. When you have 8 stitches, cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches and pull tightly. Sew seam.


   For Circular Needles:

      Cast on 80 sts. (If you knit tightly you may add more stitches in multiples of 8)
Work in ribbing of K1P1 or K2P2 for 1.5-2 Then knit all rounds until piece measures 8.

Begin decreases by K6, K2 tog.
Knit next round
Continue having 1 less stitch before decreases. Switch to dpns when needed and finish off by drawing yarn through last 8 sts.

You may do this hat in stripes, in variegated or ombre yarns, or solid colors.


   This pattern is for charity use only and may not be used or reproduced for sale or commercial purposes.  You may print and distribute for charity purposes with this copyright info included.

Ellen Harpin


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