Items currently being sent by The Ships Project are listed under Currently Sending. 

Items listed under "Upcoming Needs" are not currently being sent due to the changing (often seasonal) needs of our troops. 

Currently Sending:

Cool Ties

  • Cool ties should be made from 100% cotton fabric
  • Solid Tan or Desert Camo
  • Navy Blue or "patriotic" prints, avoiding a direct representation of the flag (Due to military restrictions)
  • "Fun" masculine prints
  • Cool ties should finish to 2-4" in width, and 45" long, with finished ends.  Patterns and a source for the Watersorb crystals can be found on the Approved Patterns page.

Knitted or Crocheted Slippers

  • Solid black items in 100% natural fiber yarns are needed for ground troops
  • Items in bright colors (acrylic, natural fiber, or blends) are needed for medical units and ships.
  • See the Item Guidelines and Approved Patterns pages for more information.

Knitted Socks

  • These should be true socks, to be worn under boots, NOT "slipper" socks. 
  • 100% Wool or other natural fiber.  No Blends or Synthetic Fibers
  • Black 
  • Dark Brown


Postage Donations

The Ships Project is funded entirely by donations which enable the items sent by members to reach the troops overseas.

Postage donations may be sent any time, either by check made out to "Ellen Harpin - The Ships Project"

or through PayPal to "ellens12 @" (no spaces) at the link below.


Upcoming Needs:

       The Ships Project will continue to need cool ties through the summer and early fall. 

       Warm items will resume in late fall and continue through the winter and early spring.




The Ships Project is funded entirely by donations.  100% of all funds donated
go directly into the project to pay for the postage costs to send items to the troops.


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